KUBZ membership form

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Email your completed KUBZ application form to taekwondoshots@gmail.com

Your place is only confirmed when you receive a confirmation from Clontarf TKD.

Places in KUBZ are limited.






A Fantastic, one-of-a-kind programme for kids that teaches them essential life skills whilst keeping them smiling the whole time!


The TKD Kubz programme is a specially designed class for children aged between 4 and 6 years of age.



This gives the children definite criteria on how to achieve their goals. The programme heavily rewards what is most important, effort and attitude over physical ability!


We extend our thanks to Master Hutton from Scotland for his support for Clontarf TKD in getting the programme started.

Taekwon-do KUBZ Fees

You pay a registration fee on joining.

The monthly fee for the KUBZ is €50 per month.

For your registration fee you get the following

o  Your first month fees for Taekwon-do KUBZ

o  Specially designed TKD Kubz Uniform and belt

o  Specially designed TKD sparring gloves

Registration fee is €80 payable on registration evening.